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Ceramic Artist

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Ceramic Artist


I’m a ceramic artist working in Oxfordshire, England.  I’m inspired by nature, texture and pattern. I work with only simple materials and a few basic tools which through a series of slow and careful stages I create my finished pieces.

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My pieces are all hand built and are mainly smoke fired. Smoke firing is fast, unknown and very exciting! This is in stark contrast to the controlled way in which I make my work using coils, which can’t be rushed. The smoke firings take place in a pit in the ground where I bury the work in sawdust and set it alight. It is this technique that ensures that each piece is completely unique. I love the thrill of opening the pit after each firing, cleaning up and polishing each piece to see the smoke patterns that have been absorbed into the surface.

I first started working with Clay during my degree in Three Dimensional Design, it’s during this time that I instantly fell in love with the hands on way of working and manipulating it. Today I still have the same love for it, with each piece I make I’m driven to work on the next, each time evolving, changing, striving for the perfect piece balancing form, surface and texture.

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My love of travel has influenced my work, going to new places and seeing them for the first time makes me open my eyes and look at things differently.

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Just opened the smokefiring pit to find these beauties....jpg


Please email me for enquiries, sales, commissions and more information about by work.

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